Agile Work Evolutions Inc. (AWE) is an award-winning, trailblazing team of workplace transformation leaders who were removing barriers and future-proofing organizations for remote working long before the COVID-19 pandemic. AWE’s services-enabled software (SeS) understands—with accurate employee profile data and comprehensive reporting—how and where employees are working today, how and where they want to work, and how much easier it is to create and manage an agile workforce than ever before.


What Is Workplace Transformation?

Workplace transformation allows us to reimagine how we work. It’s about empowering people with more choices and enabling organizations with agile environments so that both employees and businesses can thrive every day.

As North America’s leading workplace transformation firm, Agile Work Evolutions Inc. (AWE) designs, builds and implements the most innovative, people-centric workplace strategies—from assessment and change management to integration, alignment and training. AWE does it all.


Decades of Agile Work Expertise

AWE has a scalable, security-cleared team of business transformation, workplace strategy, change management and other executive-level experts. We have extensive experience setting up agile work environments, with a strong emphasis on flex work and mobility, for federally regulated industries and large-scale employers. In addition to Workforce Analytics, a services-enabled software, AWE’s methodology is tested-and-true no matter the scale and complexity of the project.


Our Services

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The future is now. The best workplace strategies will help you retain and attract top talent as you transition toward a more agile work environment. Leverage Workforce Analytics, a services-enabled software, and our AWE workplace strategy team to achieve a workplace transformation that enables greater productivity, performance, engagement, and triple bottom line results (people, planet, profit).


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At AWE, we know that innovation and technology go hand in hand with workplace transformation. That’s why we developed a secure services-enabled software (SeS) to provide accurate, relevant and timely workforce data to better inform workplace transformation strategies—because we know that every client is unique and complex. Experience our interactive, user-friendly dashboard to learn exactly what employees use, need and want. Review the impact assessment and planning scenarios to uncover savings. Generate triple bottom line reports (people, planet, profit).


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In addition to Workforce Analytics, a services-enabled software, AWE specializes in workforce and workplace assessments that are used to fully inform strategies for workforce agility, organizational and operational readiness and impacts, and project prioritization. In aggregate, the assessments drive the critical process and provide the necessary inputs to design an agile work environment that you and your employees will thrive in.


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Change management isn’t an event. It’s a process. If you plan to lead your employees into a climate of disruption—whether it’s a workspace makeover or a workplace cultural shift—you’re going to need more than a company-wide announcement. How can you enable and engage employees to prepare for change without triggering backlash, resentment and rifts between groups? Proactive change management requires careful planning, the right timing, the ability and capacity to listen, and communication that resonates with employees.


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Although AWE is most often asked to participate as a strategic advisor—ideally throughout the lifetime of a workplace transformation project—there are occasions when actual hands-on project management support is required during implementation. We have the expertise on our team to offer hands-on project leadership no matter the size and complexity of the project.


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AWE believes in equipping leaders with the necessary training, tools and knowledge to be successful in managing workplace transformation. Our expertly facilitated training sessions include a focus on change management, outcome-based performance, collaboration and teamwork, process innovation and technology, and more. For non-supervisors, our experts provide training on “how to be a successful distributed worker.” This includes work protocols and best practices for staying engaged and productive.


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