Agile Work Evolutions Inc. (AWE) is an award-winning workplace strategy and transformation firm. We have extensive experience and full-scale resources to set up agile work environments, with a strong emphasis on flex work and mobility. Our co-founders have been future-proofing organizations throughout their careers.

In 2019, AWE launched a services-enabled Workforce Analytics software (SeS), supported by proprietary assessments and guidance tools. Together, they are designed to energize and expedite workplace transformation initiatives no matter their scale, complexity and level of urgency.

When the COVID-19 pandemic became a global crisis and millions were displaced from their bricks and mortar work environments within hours and days, AWE was a go-to resource for thousands of pivoting employers and employees.

AWE continues to be the pre-eminent supplier of employee and workforce digital profiling—determining workstyle preference and eligibility, training for readiness, and providing onboarding methodologies (including practical tools for policy, process and protocol creation).

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