In addition to Workforce Analytics, a services-enabled software, AWE specializes in workforce and workplace assessments that are used to fully inform strategies for workforce agility, organizational and operational readiness and impacts, and project prioritization. In aggregate, the assessments drive the critical process and provide the necessary inputs to design an agile work environment that you and your employees will thrive in.


Overview of Assessments

Depending on the project, AWE applies the following proprietary assessments, as and when appropriate, to best inform the workplace strategy:

Functional Assessment: We’ll take a detailed look at your work environment (how your people work, today and in the future). This assessment includes a focus on employee activities, resources and supporting tools.

Space and Occupancy Assessment: Taking your workforce profile and functional assessments into account, we’ll develop a detailed space solution that includes options for space types, occupancy levels and densification.

Change Management Impact Assessment: We’ll assess your project leadership, health, risks and change impacts across all departments. We’ll also assess your organization as a whole and help you to mitigate the areas of greatest exposure.

Organizational Readiness Assessment: We’ll assess how ready your organization is to take on a workplace program. We’ll show you how to get ready if you’re not already there.

Industry Comparator Assessment: Learn how agile your workforce and organization really are when stacked up against others in your industry.

Feasibility Formula™ Project Prioritization Assessment: Let us help you prioritize your strategic objectives, reconcile with your portfolio of projects under consideration, and drill down to the few that will offer the greatest impact and likelihood of success.

Onboarding Operations Assessment: Critical to the success of your agile work implementation, we provide policy assessment and development (HR, IT, security, finance), legislative compliance reviews, process reviews and reengineering, “technology as enabler” assessments, and operational procedures and protocols development.

Agile Business Case Assessment: AWE will show your leadership team the return on investment—i.e. salaries, rent, utilities and savings generated from quantified factors such as employee engagement (vs. cost of disengagement), productivity, wellness, environmental, and economic impacts.

Workforce Engagement Assessment: We survey your workforce with relevant questions to better understand the success of your agile work program, and how it can be improved to support maximum adoption and employee satisfaction.