Change Management

Change management isn’t an event. It’s a process. If you plan to lead your employees into a climate of disruption—whether it’s a workspace makeover or a workplace cultural shift—you’re going to need more than a company-wide announcement. How can you enable and engage employees to prepare for change without triggering backlash, resentment and rifts between groups? Proactive change management requires careful planning, the right timing, the ability and capacity to listen, and communication that resonates with employees.


We “Get” Change Management

AWE is a leader in providing workplace and change management strategies to public and private sector clients of every size and across all industries. Every member of our team is equipped to thrive in a world of change. After all, transformation is what we deliver!

There are many professionals who promote “change management” as a skillset, but do they have a track record of success with workplace transformations specifically? Do they create the change management strategy AND actually implement it in the workplace to ensure successful adoption? Do they quantify the change impact? Do they have designations such as Prosci certification? We do.

It’s All about People

As experts in managing the “people side of change,” we excel at anticipating and identifying the various pain points, emotions, reactions, hesitations, concerns, perceptions—anything at all that could undermine the success of your workplace transformation.

We’ll provide you with a clear roadmap, best practices research, methodologies, digital services-enabled software, tools, and scalable resources.

We’ll work collaboratively with you and your team to identify objectives, anticipate issues, and develop a change management strategy designed to inform, mobilize and unify your workforce until the transformation is complete.

AWE Engages Employees at Every Level

AWE believes that a well-researched, carefully planned and expertly implemented change management strategy will require employee engagement at every level if the organization is to transition from where it is now to where it wants to be. From aligning the executive team to enabling front line staff, we ensure the value of the project matters to all employees, not just to senior management.

It’s important not to assume employees will “get used to it.” Be willing to listen. We recommend distinguishing between the “victims,” “vacillators” and “volunteers” and address their reactions to change (listen, communicate, train and support).

Get the Timing and Tone Right

AWE provides clear guidance about timings and tasks to help employees understand HOW to adapt to each phase of the transformation. This includes communicating regularly through multiple channels and at all levels.

It also includes understanding when it’s best to use the leader’s voice vs. a manager or supervisor’s voice—and making sure the tone is genuine.

Metrics Are Critical

AWE always ensures there are diagnostic tools in place to systematically measure the project’s health and if warranted, recommend course corrections.