Training and Speaking

AWE believes in equipping leaders with the necessary training, tools and knowledge to be successful in managing workplace transformation. Our expertly facilitated training sessions include a focus on change management, outcome-based performance, collaboration and teamwork, process innovation and technology, and more. For non-supervisors, our experts provide training on “how to be a successful distributed worker.” This includes work protocols and best practices for staying engaged and productive.


The Training You Need

Before you reach the final milestone of your workplace transformation project, we’ll make sure you have the training you need—as well as a toolkit—so that you can continue to maintain and manage workplace transformation into the future.

Combined with our change management expertise, we’ll design and provide training to support your organization, in a variety of formats, as it adopts new ways of working and adapts to new agile work environments.

Training for Leaders, Managers and/or Supervisors

  • Agile Leader Training
  • Change Management Training
  • Executive Visioning and Alignment
  • Mobility Tools and Technology Training
  • Technology as an Enabler
  • Mobility Protocols Training
  • Project Prioritization Within a Portfolio
  • Managing Agile Workers
  • Facilities Management Credential Training (CFM, FMP)

Training for Workers

  • Agile Worker Training
  • Mobility Tools and Technology Training
  • Mobility Protocols Training

AWE Is Available for Training and Speaking Engagements

AWE’s roster of experts, including its founders, Meredith Thatcher and Dr. Lisa Chillingworth Watson, have been training and presenting in front of audiences globally throughout their careers. Their invigorating and captivating speaking styles make their presentations as entertaining as they are informative.

You can book one of our experts for your next conference, leadership retreat or private event.

Topics may include:

  • Agile work and the global agile movement
  • Leadership and workplace transformation
  • Fostering an innovative culture
  • The triple bottom line benefits of an agile workplace
  • Women in leadership

Feel free to challenge us with any topic that interests you!

If you would like us to customize a training session or workshop, or you would like one of our experts to present or speak at your next conference, retreat or event, please contact AWE today.


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