Workforce Analytics

At AWE, we know that innovation and technology go hand in hand with workplace transformation. That’s why we developed a secure services-enabled software (SeS) to provide accurate, relevant and timely workforce data to better inform workplace transformation strategies—because we know that every client is unique and complex. Experience our interactive, user-friendly dashboard to learn exactly what employees use, need and want. Review the impact assessment and planning scenarios to uncover savings. Generate triple bottom line reports (people, planet, profit).

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UNDERSTAND Your Organization Profile

Do you really understand how your employees use their workspaces and interact with each other? Are they as effective, productive and satisfied as they could be? How are they enabled to get the job done with the best possible outcomes?

What if your total organization profile was a click away?

5 Minutes Is All It Takes

After employees complete a 5-minute assessment survey online, they are presented with a profile with which they are most closely aligned. Your dashboard is updated immediately with results that show the impact of your workforce profiling in aggregate.

Now you can make informed decisions that are not only backed by reliable data, but are also more likely to make a positive impact on you AND your employees.

Achieve RESULTS that Matter

Workforce Analytics, a services-enabled software, breaks down and shows you all the ways you can achieve target results by transitioning to a more agile work environment.

  • Engage employees and learn the total profile breakdown of your workforce—then compare current vs. projected work arrangements.
  • Discover the economic and environmental impacts on your organization including space savings and co2 emission reductions.
  • Leverage the scenario planning dashboard to forecast future changes to population growth and agile employee mix.

Our Workforce Analytics dashboard displays data in a very modern, easy-to-read format that your executive team will adapt to quickly.

We make decision-making that much easier.

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