Workplace Strategies

The future is now. The best workplace strategies will help you retain and attract top talent as you transition toward a more agile work environment. Leverage Workforce Analytics, a services-enabled software, and our AWE workplace strategy team to achieve a workplace transformation that enables greater productivity, performance, engagement, and triple bottom line results (people, planet, profit).


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We Need a Workplace Strategy Because …

The global market is complex, ever-changing and fiercely competitive. What is the problem—or the opportunity—that is driving you to rethink the quantity, quality and functionality of your workplace?

Here are some of the most common reasons our clients need a workplace strategy:

  1. workplace moves or improvements (lease renewal, renovation/modernization, purchase, build)
  2. real estate building or portfolio rationalization
  3. workforce expansion
  4. physical space constraints
  5. new legislation (“right-to-request-flex”)
  6. leadership change directive
  7. business stagnation
  8. lack of alignment between work and the workplace
  9. lack of enablers (e.g. technology, collaboration space)
  10. lack of equity in practice and in the application of workplace policies
  11. talent war (retention and recruitment issues, commuter challenges)
  12. corporate social responsibility (employee health and wellness, sustainability, environmental stewardship)
  13. staff are “hacking away at their own solutions” due to lack of formal workplace mobility framework

The #1 Reason Clients Engage AWE

Adapting and aligning work, workers and workspaces may seem like a monumental task—and it could even be crushing if you don’t have the right workplace strategy. What if we could make it so much easier for you and your employees to become more agile?

AWE has the services-enabled software, methodology, expertise and scalable resources to design, build and implement a workplace strategy that’s right for you.


If You Only Knew What Was Possible

From modernization to succession, whatever motivates you to invest in the evolution of your workplace can also inspire you to discover how to be more agile, productive, and innovative.

AWE can show you how to:

  • Reduce the future risk of your physical workspace being too large, too small or too expensive
  • Create a more agile work environment that includes flex/mobility programs
  • Identify opportunities for work process, productivity and performance improvements
  • Rethink how workspaces are organized
  • Increase creativity and collaboration between business units
  • Provide greater clarity around confidentiality and security in an open environment
  • Enhance workplace settings (i.e. light, air, space) to retain and attract a greater number of talented, skilled workers
  • Project an environment of wellness, sustainability and resilience to drive innovation
  • Introduce mixed-use spaces to enhance performance
  • Recommend how to “green” your environment
  • Achieve speed to market results
  • Improve employee engagement results
  • Enhance your clients’ experience and net promoter scores
  • Show you the triple bottom line impacts to your organization

Throughout the lifetime of the project, AWE will provide ongoing recommendations to optimize project leadership, address the unexpected, apply course corrections if warranted, and maximize outcomes.